Hi, I'm Jeff Jewiss, a web developer who works to build performant web applications that delight those who use them. I strive to create the best experiences possible for all types of users by applying pragmatism to my work. I've almost always worked as part of a team and frequently focus my energy on improving the tools and processes of those around me.

Lately I've been focusing my efforts on process and tooling for CSS and integrating this work with the Ember.js framework. I recently wrote an integration add-on to use Postcss with Ember, and presented a workshop on how to build a plug-in for Postcss. However, in the past I've built applications, prototypes, internal tools, themes and marketing sites with a wide variety of tools.

I'm trying to write more and get back into photography, but both are easier said than done. Instead I've found myself spending more time with food, whether it's taking a course on espresso or cooking for friends and family. I've also been learning to rock climb, otherwise, when I'm not busy staring at a screen, you can probably find me dodging traffic on my fixie in Toronto.

If you’d like to get in touch, you can send me an email.



Precision Nutrition


I worked with a talented group of designers, developers, researchers, writers, coaches and fitness professionals to create a client experience that helps people change their body, and life.

NodeSchool Toronto


I helped start the Toronto Chapter of NodeSchool with a group of friends, which has grown into a monthly event featuring talks, workshops and an opportunity for anyone to learn, speak, and meet members of the Node.js and Javascript community.

Lighthouse Labs


I worked with students learning the fundamentals through the full-time web development bootcamp. I spent time 1-on-1 with students to assist with reviewing concepts, completing assignments and provide feedback through code review sessions.