Hi, I’m Jeff Jewiss, a developer & designer who builds web applications. I strive to create the best experiences possible for all types of users by applying pragmatism to my work.

Jeff Jewiss

Currently I work at Tallarium, based in London, creating technology to improve the experience of trading OTC commodity derivatives.

Recently I've been trying to become a better cook, and have spent time working as a chef de partie at a restaurant in the Michelin Guide here in the UK. Cooking away from home (and access to fancy tools) isn't as fun, but it's amazing what you can create with a couple pans and a sharp knife.

Photography has been an interest and hobby of mine for many years now. I haven't been able to turn it into the career I once had in mind, but it's a fulfilling form of expression.

Before moving to the United Kingdom, I was living in downtown Toronto, Canada, and worked as a frontend developer building interfaces for companies in car manufacturing, nutrition and fitness coaching and also for a few digital agencies. I've spent most of my life in Canada, and so part of the motivation to temporarily move to Europe was to gain perspective.